AL FRENGA, Co-Producer/Production Coordinator, Fixer, Casting, 2016

PFTC worked on the Egyptian t.v. series, Al Frenga. PFTC acted as a co-producer, production coordinator, fixer, and did casting for the show.

TAKE FIVE WEB SERIES, Production, Internship Self-Led, 2014

PFTC Produced a web series Take 5 in which individuals are interviewed on a weekly basis. Episode 1 was interviewing Director, Actor and Producer Nicole Adelman.

TRITONAL – THIS IS LOVE, Prague Producer, Casting, & Coordination, 2016

PFTC acted as the Prague Producer, provided casting and coordination for the music video of Tritonal’s ‘This is Love’.

TRITONAL – BLACKOUT, Prague Producer, Casting, & Coordination, 2015

PFTC acted as the Prague Producer, provided casting and coordination for the music video of Tritonal’s ‘Blackout’.

KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE, Beta and Final Casting, 2015

PFTC in association with Warhorse Studios, provided Beta and Final Casting services for ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’, a realistic single-player RPG set in the medieval Europe.

NEECO PROTRACK, Casting, 2015

Casting was provided for this exciting company video “Operation Connie” about all the internal processes from client’s request to delivery to site. Directed by Adad Jaan Warda

NEECO GLOBAL ICT SERVICES, Production Management & Casting, 2015

PFTC provided production management and casting services for corporate videos of NEECO GLOBAL ICT SERVICES. While one of the videos explained the reasons behind the increasing demand for ICT products in the coming years, the other two were profiles of employees of the company. NEECO Sales Director, Roman Anisimov  DIRECTOR OF NEECO INDIA: Jakub Hala […]

DEX, Casting & Recording Coordination, 2015

Provided Casting and Recording Coordination for Dreadlocks Ltd. new 2D, side-scrolling, open-world cyberpunk RPG “Dex”.  

RENT-THE MUSICAL, PROMOTIONAL VIDEO, Production Management, 2014

PFTC provided production management services for a promotional video of the Czech premiere of Broadway’s Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning musical, RENT.

Casting/ADR Work /Post-Production Assistance MONTENEGRO

PFTC worked in cooperation with Visionary Approach Productions and Three Brothers Production in the casting, ADR work and Post Production coordination of the 2015 Film Montenegro. The film is about  Andjela, a confident and mysterious young woman, who decides to start an exciting and risky road trip adventure to Montenegro, in company of her best […]